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What To Expect

  1. If you have not yet filled out the forms above, you will be asked to complete a health and wellness questionnaire that will allow us to uncover previous and current health challenges as well as get an overview of your lifestyle and your goals for your health.
  2. The doctor will do a full chiropractic evaluation on you that will include a posture assessment to determine any postural imbalances that can create stress on your body. The doctor will also do palpation of your spine to uncover areas of subluxations—misalignments of the spine that may cause interference on your nervous system and cause a lower state of health.
  3. You will receive a state-of-the-art Neuro-Spinal Scan to detect any disturbances to your nerve system. It will evaluate imbalances in the muscles and how your nerve system is working. The scans will allow us to detect interferences that you may not even be feeling—because only 20% of the nervous system perceives pain.
  4. If appropriate and needed, we will then refer you for x-rays; these can be a very important tool to detect effects of subluxation decay (arthritis) in the spine. The x-rays will provide a blueprint of your spine and will help us decide on the best type of care for you.
  5. It is very important to us that you understand the findings of your exam. On your second visit you will receive a truly enlightening doctor’s report that will explain the meaning of our findings and the impact they may have on your health and wellness. The doctor will review your findings with you individually. It will astound you how much you learn about yourself. Knowledge is power!